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Prep Cook

Prep cooks have to communicate effectively with other employees to prepare food throughout the day as needed, and build positive working relationships with all employees and work as part of a team

General Duties

  • Inform Chef Oh or the manager if supplies and food are getting low
  • Follow recipes accurately and maintaining food preparation processes
  • Prepare bases, vegetables, fish, sauces and toppings
  • Maintain appropriate portion control and consistently monitoring food levels on the line
  • Maintain proper food handling, safety, and sanitation standards while preparing
  • Wash dishes and clean the work area afterwards
  • Maintain the kitchen by sanitizing prep areas before and after use and making sure that all equipment are clean
  • Assist line servers as needed


If you would like to become a Poki Yo team member, please contact hiring@pokiyo.com with your resume and the position you are interested in.