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Line Server

Line servers must be able to provide friendly service, assist all customers in a courteous manner, and communicate with other employees to develop and maintain a culture of friendliness, positivity and energy as a team. They also need to be able to exhibit a cheerful and helpful attitude and adapt to high customer volume with a sense of urgency.

General Duties

  • Be initiative
  • Set up, prepare, and frequently clean the work area
  • Be able to follow the signature bowl recipes upon the customer’s orders
  • Refill bases, vegetables, protein, sauces and toppings as needed
  • Restock beverages in advance
  • Be attentive to the condiment section and the yogurt machine, restock utensils and yogurt mix as needed
  • Have a complete understanding of the menu
  • Assist kitchen staff as needed
  • Always keep the counter and the floor clean and organized
  • Clean after your mess
  • Clock in & out properly
  • Immediately inform the Chef Oh or the manager if there is any issue, and do not handle customer complaints on your own
  • No drinks or food on the counter and in the beverage refrigerator
  • Make sure that the scoopers and tongs are properly positioned
  • Wash hands after dealing with transactions
  • Always ensure that everything is in order and be ready to serve
  • Inform supervisors when supplies and food are getting low
  • Follow the Store Operation Manual

Daily Duties

  • Set up and prepare the station prior to serving the meal
  • Welcome all customers and interact with them throughout their visit, anticipating and supplying their needs and requests
  • Greet all customers with a welcoming personality by providing a friendly and quality customer service
  • Be ready to answer customers’ questions about the restaurant, food and promotions
  • Communication could be difficult sometimes due to glass windows, but be patient and create orders as requested and educate customers about the menu
  • Be accountable for all cash-handling and credit card procedures
  • Always look for any spoilage when setting up the food
  • Responsible for  a proper use of gloves, utensils, and portion size of each item and an attractive presentation of all food items
  • Communicate in a timely manner with the kitchen staff regarding the amount of food on hand and its quality
  • Keep sanitation levels up to company, state, and federal guidelines.
  • Read items that are routinely posted for your benefit, including safety & sanitation guidelines and laws
  • Assist with special events or catering events as assigned
  • Assist in other duties relating to the account’s needs as assigned by management
  • Cover the mixing bowls with plastic bags after serving
  • Seal food properly and store food in assigned containers and storage areas in order to prevent spoilage
  • Sweep and mop the floor, and then take out the trash at the end of closing

If you would like to become a Poki Yo team member, please contact hiring@pokiyo.com with your resume and the position you are interested in.